Wisbech Baptist Church. Hill Street PE13 1BD

    Church contact: Derek 07717 325139 or 01945 461291

    Minister: Revd Kevin Newton.



    Covid 19 Update.

    The good news is

    The church will reopen on Sunday 20th September at 10.30.

    There will only be one service a week.

    Those wishing to come must book a place with Derek

    between wednesday and 4pm on Saturday the week before.


    "Thought for the week"      2nd August 'Be the rainbow'

    I was just about to start another daily chore,

    when a swift glance through the window sent me running to the door.

    Spanning roofs and high brick walls, away beyond my view,

    a rainbow shimmered colours of every shade of hue.

    I couldn’t help but stand there – I couldn’t bear to miss

    the glory of this moment, as nature reached to kiss

    my mundane Monday morning with a sign of God above,

    that between life’s sun and rain we have the promise of His love.

    I watched my lovely rainbow slowly disappear from sight,

    but caught within the heart are those which shine for ever bright

    the kindness of a stranger or the love of a dear friend

    sent in your time of need – a rainbow without end!

    This lovely poem by Marion Cleworth tells of the beauty of the rainbow. I love the idea of rushing outside to take a look, and how devastating it would be to miss this wonderful sight; and yet sadly, so many people do. They fail to see the rainbow of God’s love over this world and the life of Jesus our Saviour portrayed through many shimmering colours. Throughout this pandemic the rainbow has been seen as an emblem of hope as those on the frontline give their all to help. And God sends His rainbow, the promise of His love to cheer us and asks that we be the rainbow to those around us. Just as this poem speaks of the acts of kindness of a stranger or the love of a dear friend at just the right moment, I wonder, would we be devastated if we missed this wonderful sight. I encourage us all – to not only see the rainbow; but be the rainbow as we spread the colourful love of Jesus to the world around us.



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