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    This years Rose Fair has been cancelled    

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    Foodbank should be open as normal.

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    Minister: Revd Kevin Newton.


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    We have added the "Thought for the week" and added a Sunday sermon on the audio page for this week. We hope to carry on with this each week.

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    "Thought for the week"      31st May 20


    I found this story and thought I’d share it...

    ‘We were sitting in the garden and a gentle breeze was blowing. Suddenly I realised that Kathy’s eyes were closed. Was she sleeping? Was she ill? “Kathy,” I said softly. “What are you doing?” “I’m a human being, John.” She said without opening her eyes.

    “Well, of course you are,” I replied. “I know that.”

    Then she opened her eyes and turned that mischievous smile on me.

    “You don’t understand. Usually, I’m doing something. I have a busy life, and I’m glad of it. But sometimes you need a break, a chance to simply be. So, today in the garden, surrounded by flowers, the gentle breeze and the sunshine, I’m not a human doing. I’m a human... being!”’

    This story made me smile as I thought of many of us wondering how we would fill this day. But we do fill it. So many times we can find ourselves so busy that we don’t have time to be still; to be still with God. One of my favourite Bible verses comes from Psalm 46:10:

    ‘Be still, and know that I am God’. Put another way: God is saying, ‘Stop filling your day with busyness and doing, and spend more time with Me’. I love that phrase from Kathy; “I’m a human... being!” Maybe, today is the day we start ‘being’ – ‘being’ still; ‘being’ with God.


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