Wisbech Baptist Church. Hill Street PE13 1BD

    Church contact: Derek 07717 325139 or 01945 461291

    Minister: Revd Kevin Newton.



    Covid 19 Update.

    As I’m sure you will have heard that the government have said that places of worship can reopen from the 4th July, but we are still waiting for full details of what the restrictions will involve.

    As our church fellowship include many people in their older years, we have to be aware of the risks to health if we open the church for worship at this time.

    We have one outdoor event booked for 2nd August and we will plan another for the end of August.

    In view of the Covid situation the church will remain closed for public worship for the time being. We will revise this situation on a regular basis with the possibility of reopening in mid-September.

    We thank you all for your patience and understanding.


    "Thought for the week"      28th June. 'Prayer matters'

    Imagine that you’re walking with a friend, who suddenly turns to you and says, “I don’t get it. If things will be as they are going to be anyway, why should I pray?” Maybe, we’ve all wrestled with this question wondering if our small, seemingly insignificant prayers make a difference. I firmly believe that they do because we are following what Jesus showed us and taught us. When He was among us, Jesus prayed. It was the heartbeat of His life; and He taught the disciples how to pray, starting with ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name’ (Matt.6:9). In fact, God’s Word gives prayer a priority and urgency we simply can’t ignore. Whether or not we understand how prayer fits into God’s grand plan for time and world events isn’t the point. If the One who is all-wise strongly calls us to seek Him in prayer, we can be sure it must be very important, and the apostle Paul tells us to ‘pray without ceasing’ (1 Thess.5:17). But what do we pray for? Most people pray for the worries and concerns that weigh heavy on their hearts, bringing these things to the very throne room of God. But we can also pray just because we love Jesus and want to spend time with Him. We may not understand all the ins and outs of prayer and maybe we’re not meant to – but that should never stop us seeking God in prayer. Our prayers matter to God. He hears every prayer and He is eager to hear from you today.




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