Wisbech Baptist Church. Hill Street PE13 1BD

    Church contact: Derek 07717 325 139

    Minister: Revd Kevin Newton.



    Covid 19 Update.

    The good news is

    The church will reopen on Sunday 20th September at 10.30.

    There will only be one service a week.

    Those wishing to come must book a place with Derek

    between wednesday and 4pm on Saturday the week before.


    "Thought for the week"      20th September ''Calling out to Jesus"


    One of my favourite stories is that of Aladdin and his lamp. The lamp had wonderful powers but most people did not know about it. The lamp, standing unused, was no better than any other. It could give out a little light, but its great power remained untapped. As I think on this, I realise that it is no use having wonderful power if you do not use it. In the same way, it is no use saying you believe in a Saviour if you do not call upon Him. In chapter 4 of Mark’s gospel we read of a furious storm and how the waves broke over the boat. Jesus is asleep in the stern and the disciples are panicking. Eventually they decide to wake Jesus and He immediately stills the storm. Could it be that too often in our lives we allow Jesus to sleep? We struggle on alone, and are often overwhelmed, because we do not call upon the greatest power source, which is our Lord, in the storm. I suggest that in the storms of life, when we are feeling overwhelmed, we need to know the presence and power of our God. We need to know again that God can bring order out of chaos and that Christ can give us peace. He can still the storm if we but ask. Friends, as we have faith in Jesus, He places within us great power: the Holy Spirit, who fills us and prompts to call upon the name of Jesus whatever our situation.

    I encourage us all not to let Jesus sleep in our lives; but to call out to Him each day.



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