Wisbech Baptist Church. Hill Street PE13 1BD

    Church contact: Derek 07717 325 139

    Minister: Revd Kevin Newton.

    Covid 19 Update.

    There will only be one service a week.

    Those wishing to come must book a place with Derek

    between wednesday and 4pm on Saturday.


    "Thought for the week     25th October " It is written "


    “You can’t be a Christian. I mean, you’re a nobody. God would never make time for the likes of you.” I believe that this is an accusation the devil persistently throws at believers. Why? Because, our adversary is constantly trying to get us to doubt our relationship with Christ, and to doubt our citizenship in heaven. When we look at the Gospel of Matthew, we see that the same thing happened to Jesus. No sooner had the Father publically declared, “This is my Son,” (Matt. 3:17) than Satan countered with, “If you are the Son of God...” (Matt. 4:3). And his strategy hasn’t changed; he does the same with us today as he attacks us with his discouraging words and lies. But what should our response be? How should we stand firm? I suggest the best way is to mimic Jesus’ example. Jesus’ response was simply to say, “It is written...” (Matt. 4:4). He used the Word of God (Scripture, the Bible) to defeat the enemy’s attacks; and as followers of Jesus, we must do the same. This means knowing verses of the Word of God and using them. Ephesians 6:17 refers to the Word of God as ‘the sword of the Spirit’ because it is our main offensive weapon against the enemy. This is why we need the Bible.

             Our Saviour has given us the highest example – ‘be ready to speak the Word of God.’ For when Scripture is in our mouth, on the tip of our tongue, it will defeat the devil and the seeds of doubt he plants, every time. Maybe our prayers should include asking God to keep us strong in His Word and, to keep His Word alive in us; for only then can we say: “It is written...”


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