Wisbech Baptist Church

What We Believe.



On the one hand most of our beliefs are like the traditional beliefs of other Christian churches.  However, unlike some churches today, we would call ourselves “evangelicals”, because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word and the only standard against which to measure our faith and practice.

In common with other evangelicals, we believe that God is our Creator, who sent his Son, the Lord Jesus, to be our Saviour, and who now lives in us by his Holy Spirit.  As individuals and as a church, we seek to make Jesus Lord of every aspect of our lives.

As Baptists, it is perhaps understandable that our most distinctive belief relates to the act of baptism. We believe baptism is an act of Christian commitment which is for adult believers only and which should be carried out by immersion.

We also believe that a local church should be made up of Christians who have given evidence of their faith and commitment to the Christian life.

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