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Christians Against Poverty (Help with debt)


We work in partnership with Centenary Baptist Church at March to offer the services of Christians Against Poverty through the Fenland Cap Centre.

Christians Against Poverty is a nationwide charity, that is highly respected and regarded, indeed having more than once being recognised by the Daily Telegraph as a high quality organisation to work for.

It is concerned to offer practical help to those who are facing the problems of personal debt, with understanding and practical help. CAP will work with people to organise their debt through and aiming to pay them off so as to become debt free within a set time. It negotiates directly with creditors to agree a debt repayment plan, and administrate good budgeting so that people can be free from the anxieties of debt and live within their income.

Alongside all this CAP offers the ongoing support of local people with regular follow up visits, advice, and friendship. Prayer is also offered to those who are happy to receive it, though this is not a condition of offering the help.

CAP has seen thousands of people become debt free and discover new hope in life. Many have also come to faith in Jesus as a result of this ministry.

Through CAP we are also able to offer a Money Management Training Course, which is not necessarily for those in debt, but more generally aimed to help people live within their means in a more confident way.


To know more you might like to visit the national CAP website: www.capuk.org


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